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Author: Tony Russ
Publisher: NORTHERN PUBLISHING, Jan 2006
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 0-9741684-3-2

Experience the thrill of dozens of actual hunts while you learn the facts. His failures, as well as his successes, are described in words & w/ diagrams, giving you a complete understanding of what it takes to get really close. 90 photos & diagrams, 49 stalks covered; 256 pgs.

More Information
From the hunter, guide, and writer who gave you Sheep Hunting in Alaska, here is the guide many of you have been waiting for ? the step-by-step guide for getting close to sheep. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to get within range. Whether you are a long-range sharpshooter, a shorter-range firearms hunter, a bowhunter, or a photographer, this guide is for you. The techniques of fooling their eyes, ears, and noses are covered in detail. Go with Tony on over fifty stalks as he closes the gap between him and his quarry on actual hunts. His failures, as well as his successes, are described in words and with diagrams, giving you a complete understanding of what it takes to get close?really close. Experience the thrill of dozens of actual hunts while you learn the facts so often lacking in "hunting stories" so often published. From the writer so well known for his how-to guides, this one should sit on every sheep aficionado's shelf!

"..... asked if I could recommend some good books about hunting in Alaska and about living here. Several of the books which came to mind have a little about both, so I started mentioning some authors and titles...... a couple of these books I have reviewed in previous columns and Casey Ressler, the Frontiersman Valley Life editor, has reviewed a couple others.

I started out by mentioning Tony Russ, his books, and his publishing company located in Wasilla. The first Tony Russ book I read, The Manual for Successful Hunters, is the best pure Alaska hunting how-to book I have ever seen. He provides tips and suggestions based on his own hunting experiences and writes in a very easy-to-read style. I mentioned his Sheep Hunting in Alaska (get the second edition), and his Bear Hunting in Alaska books also. I have read the sheep hunting books (both editions) and have the bear hunting book as the next one on my books-to-be-read pile. I also mentioned Rich Hackenberg's book Moose Hunting in Alaska, also published by Russ.
- Howard Delo - January 1, 2006, Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman - Outdoors in Alaska

"...the accuracy of the information you shared was appraent. ...the underlying thoughts & principles involved in each stalk will help my education as a hunter. I especially liked your attention to consideration of safety issues prior to a stalk...." - Peter Cannava

"Contains diagrams and detailed explanations of 49 stalks in the 49th state by Tony Russ on actual hunts for Dall sheep. Learn to blink stalk from above, stalk from below, maneuver to get above sheep, approach horizontally, PLUS get within bow range of Dall sheep." The book teaches you to analyze topography, sheep activity, therma activity and the odds of success.

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