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Author: Scott Haugen
Publisher: Frank Amato Publications, Oct 2010
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 0-9819423-2-6

Join noted author and TV host, Scott Haugen, on some of his most exciting bowhunts throughout the West and abroad. In addition to thrilling adventures, you'll learn valuable tips sure to improve your bowhunting skills. Full color; 6x9 inches, 256 pgs.

More Information
Thanks to a lifetime of hunting experience, a formal education and serious dedication, Scott Haugen is able to make his living from the outdoors. His passion is sharing what he learns.

As a full-time TV host, author and speaker, Haugen has a gift for bringing stories to life and motivating others to make their dreams become reality. Within this book you'll join Scott on some of his most memorable bowhunts, ever. From rattling in cagey blacktails to stalking within arm's reach of mule deer and calling in Roosevelt and Rocky Mountain elk, you'll feel like you are there on each and every hunt.

Learn what it takes to stalk within bow range of open-country pronghorns, and what it feels like to come face-to-face with a bear. On the international side, you'll relive Scott's spot-and-stalk adventures for coveted red stag of New Zealand, as well as for African lions, prized plains game and a world record white rhinoceros.

Along the way, Scott will share what it's really like filming these hunts for award-winning television and the day-to-day pressures he faces. He'll also share his hunting styles, the gear he uses and what motivates him to consistently find success. Scott credits his growing up hunting in the Pacific Northwest as the key ingredient to his successful career; learn why.

In these pages, over 50 thrilling hunts come to life, with many record class animals being taken. Whether you're a newcomer or veteran to bowhunting, this book has something for everyone.

"Scott Haugen is one of the fortunate few among us smart enough, driven enough, and energetic enough to make hunting his career. He's had the vision and the determination to formulate his own big dreams--and to live them out." - Dwight Schuh, Editor, Bowhunter Magazine

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