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Author: Ted Nugent
Publisher: Woods N' Water Inc, Oct 2007
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 0-9722804-7-2

Any hunter, rock 'n' roller, or just a Ted Nugent fan will want this book. You will love & live along with Ted through his "absolute reverence for the precious beasts & their gift of protein." 8-pg Color insert, 80 B&W photos & illus; 6x9 inches, 256 pgs.

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Make time to sit down with the Beast Master as soon as Blood Trails II arrives in your home, because you will want to sit back & go hunting with The Nuge himself!

Written by one of the country's best-known deer-hunting fanatics (rock 'n' roll legend, host of Surviving Nugent on VH1and Spirit of the Wild on The Outdoor Channel, & one of the nation's most strident hunting & firearms owners' advocate), Blood Trails II is packed with lore & lessons on hunting whitetails today.

With his own bowhunting experiences & philosophies, this completely updated & revised edition brings together strategies & tactics that are proven winners - in some cases, little-known techniques that just may work for you when nothing else will. Learn from Ted how to improve your arrow placement with his three-step archery prayer for shooting accuracy. Reflect on the blessings of the hunting season & how he believes, "self-sufficiency, after all, is the ultimate American Dream of independence & individualism ... no doubt about it, hunting is the last & best way to remain in touch with a planet that miraculously sustains us all."

Get charged with his love of bringing archery to new shooters as he declares, "Every man, woman, boy, or girl, falls in love with the Zen-like charge of making that next arrow better." Any hunter, rock 'n' roller, or just a Ted Nugent fan will want to add this book to his or her library. You will love & live along with Ted through his "absolute reverence for the precious beasts & their gift of protein." This hardcover book has 256 pages including an 8-page color insert, over 80 new black & white photographs.

There are 16 brand new "Teditorials," a special section on "Ask Uncle Ted,"12 compelling new hunts with Ted, 120 of his favorite hunts, & rock 'n' roll photos, too. Chapters include: Ask Uncle Ted How to Maximize Your Spirit of the Wild, The Hunting vs. Anti-Hunting Game, Nuge's Favorite HuntStories, Ted & Shemane's Favorite Recipes, Mother Nature is a Bitch, But I Still Love Her , Why I Hunt

"In this day & age of intense scheduling & crazy pace, I prescribe peaceful time in the wild together to bring a family closer together & upgrade & increase the happy times together. Life is a BBQ. These grand family hunting adventures are the sauce for the soul." Ted Nugent

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