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Author: Jeff Currier
Publisher: JEFF CURRIER BOOKS, Feb 1998
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 0-9626663-9-4

An entry-level fly fishing primer that gives you everything you need to get started in the saltwater. Topics covered are: why saltwater?; tides; six types of water; flies and equipment; knots; saltwater fly casting; hooking and landing fish and popular saltwater gamefish. Also includes an equipment checklist, Jeff's fly box, Jeff's saltwater tips and distribution maps of gamefish. Full-color, 34 photos, 40+ watercolors, 16 knot illus, 5 pages of maps; 6x9 inches, 122 pgs.

More Information
"Currier's Quick and Easy Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing is a short, concise guidebook that does exactly what its title says it will do, in just 122 pages. Author Jeff Currier, lives in Idaho and 'winters' near saltwater. All the practical advice he gives in his book comes from personal experience. Anyone contemplating their first trip to salt water with a fly rod should buy this book. Anyone knowing a stubborn flyfisher should make a gift of it a month before they leave. With eight short chapters providing all the basic information needed, the book is further supported by five 'special information' appendices, an astounding 'Selected Bibliography' and a practical, useful index." --Dennis Bitton Flyfisher Magazine

"A review of this book wouldn't have to be very long to be longer than the book itself. Currier starts with a short chapter called 'Why Saltwater?' His answer: Saltwater flyfishing offers a chance to escape crowded fresh water, there's more water to fish, diverse species are available, the fish are stronger and faster and they will challenge your angling skills. No startling revelations there.

Subsequent chapters deal very briefly with tides, water types, equipment, knots, casting, hooking and landing fish, and popular species. The chapter on knots is mercifully clear and short; so is the one on casting. Currier's guide makes a good point of departure; it would be a nice gift for anyone who wants to start learning about saltwater fly fishing." --Steve Raymond, Flyfishermen Magazine, 1998

"Most fishing guidebooks are written like the directions for a VCR, clinical and virtually impossible to understand. Currier's book about saltwater fishing is delightfully different. Tackle, knots, flies, and the importance of tides are all covered with enthusiasm and even some humor. More to the point, Currier, who runs a Wyoming fly-fishing shop but also guides saltwater expeditions in winter, reminds us why we'd want to catch these fish in the first place. High quality photos include examples of gamefish, tackle, and crystalline waters of salt flats. Readers lacking a full complement of willpower might just find themselves calling a travel agent, pulling on waders, and casting for dinner. Recommended for public library collections." --Library Journal, April 1998

"Just a few days before we left for our winter trip to the Bahamas for bonefish, a small package arrived. Well, in the nick of time!

We do fish the saltwater, but here in the Pacific Northwest, our exposure to fish is a bit limited. We knew something about the bonefish we were after, and a couple of the other possibles at our destination-such as permit barracuda. But beyond that, real amateurs.

What a nice thing to be able to read this Quick and Easy Guide sitting on an airplane headed for warm waters. Both JC and I read it. And can honestly say we learned from it.

Many of the basics are in common-sense language - a fine introduction to warm water, fly fishing the salt. For the beginner, however there are absences in fish and methods for cold saltwater. (Which are not indicated by the title). A small complaint considering the overall quality of the book.

There are fine watercolor illustrations of fish and flies, good color photos, maps of what you need to fish for specific fish where, and a very detailed section on knots for the salt.

I particularly liked the sections on casting and the hooking and playing of fish. Most of us don't have the experience on our home waters of tying into big, strong, aggressive fish commonly found in the saltwater. Jeff Currier has made it seem simple." --Deanna Birkholm, Fly Anglers On Line

"To get some essence of this book is to read and take the title to heart. Currier's Quick and Easy Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing is exactly what this book is--quick and easy. The title promises nothing that isn't delivered.

This does not mean that it is not worthwhile. For the beginner, there is a great deal of solid, straightforward information to help one get started in saltwater fly fishing. For the more experienced saltwater angler, there are tips and ideas to help the reader improve his or her technique and knowledge. As the Introduction states, 'The objective of Currier's Quick and Easy Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing is to get you past....common misconceptions about the sport and to prime you with enough information to start fly fishing the salt.' This is truly a primer.

Chapter 2 on tides is very basic, and as one who has come very close to being stranded by a rapidly falling tide, I would like to have seen more cautionary information concerning the importance and danger of misreading or misunderstanding tide.

Chapter 3 concerns six types of water and shows a broad range of saltwater experience. Of Particular interest is the section in each water type labeled "Hazards." A miscalculation or miscue on most of our Midwest freshwater streams usually results in some water over the waders, or at the most an embarrassing tale to be related over drinks. In saltwater, an error in judgment or ignorance is far more likely to result in injury or worse.

The chapter on knots has easily-understood instructions and diagrams. Some of the ones shown are new to me and I look forward to trying them. For the freshwater angler going bone fishing, the author's knots are, in my opinion, unnecessary. The standard freshwater knots, if properly tied and completed, are sufficient for most flats fishing.

Currier's writing is informative, direct and to the point. It is compatible with the purpose of the book. For those who have never entered the saltwater arena, or those who have tested the saltwater but never really swam, this is a book that can help you to dive in and learn." --George Alexander

"This is a compendium of helpful information designed for those with a lust to lunge into saltwater fly fishing. The chapter on tides is especially enlightening as are all of the rigging and tackle usage tips. Stimulating photos and Jeff's skillful personal illustrations make this new paperback a true bargain at $22.95." --Jackson Hole News, Jan. 28, 1998

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