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Author: Andy Lamb & Phil Edgell
Publisher: GRAPHIC ARTS CENTER PUB CO., Jun 2003
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 0-920080-75-8

If you are a fisherman, a diver or a naturalist, this is the book for you. Entirely readable, the text succeeds in providing easy & accurate info. The only comprehensive field guide to marine fishes of BC, Washington & southern Alaska. Color photos; 6x9 inches, 224 pgs.

More Information
Written by a marine biologist and illustrated in colour by a prizewinning underwater photographer, Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest is the only comprehensive field guide to marine fishes of BC, Washington, and southern Alaska. It is also a useful reference for marine fishes of Oregon and Northern California.

Each fish is identified by its common name, and is illustrated with a full-colour photograph and labelled sketch. Special sections present catching tips for anglers and commercial fishermen; location hints for divers, beachcombers, and pleasure boaters; and cooking ideas for seafood gourmets. The information included in these sections provides a brief but detailed description of each fish's habitat, physical characteristics and behavior - everything that a fisherman or an amateur naturalist needs to know!

It is clearly a labour of love by Lamb, a biologist at the federal fisheries research station in West Vancouver, and Edgell, a top undereater photographer at Robertson Creek salmon hatchery near Port Alberni.

Easily carried in pocket, glove-box, or tackle-box, the book has full-color photos of every species, plus informative sketches and details of the fish's habitat, characteristic and behavior.

More, it has angling tips, tips for divers, boaters and beach-walkers on locating and identifying the various fish - even recepies for preparing all the tastier varities.

Ideal gift for any outdoorsman on the coast, and for armchair naturalists as well.
The Vancouver Province

This is a fine guide to the common and uncommon saltwater fish from northwest US to British Columbia and Alaska. It should satisfy many needs for many people, beginning with 174 color pictures of all species in their natural habitat. It then moves on to a description of individual species with a page dedicated to characterizing each of the families included. After a labelled sketch of each species pointing out fielf identification characters other information includes the scientific name and its roots, alternate common names, maximum recorded size and distribution. Five special sections on each species page add catching tips for anglers and commercial fishermen; location hints for divers, beachcombers and boaters; and finally cooking tips, often whimsical. There is brief, detailed information on these species section relating to habitat, characteristics and behavior - all a fisherman or amateur naturalist needs to know.

This authoritative guide is pocket-sized pleasure, lavish in both its photos and illustrations; but best of all, written in understandable English!
--Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Authoritative guide to the common and uncommon saltwater species of the Pacific Northwest. Well illustrated field guide, with color photos and pencil drawings; has diagnostics to identify each species and contains interesting anecdotes for the marine recreationist."
--Fisheries, A Bulletin of American Fisheries

Phil Edgell
has worked as a fish culturist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada at the Robertson Creek Hatchery on Vancouver Island. His prizewinning underwater photographs have appeared in many publications including Pacific Diver, Western Angling, and Nature Canada.

Andrew Lamb
is a marine biologist who has worked as Chief Collector at the Vancouver Public Aquarium and has been a fish culturist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada at the West Vancouver Research Laboratory. He has contributed to Diver, Western Angling, Nature Canada, and Skin Diver.

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