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Author: Bob Singleton & Mick Wood, Editors
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 1-86126-660-X

A vast amount of info about the contemporary barbel-fishing scene. Written by experts, it comprehensively covers the modern barbel-fishng scene, discusses the size of the fish now caught & tackle, tactics & baits. Indivdual chapters on each major barbel river in England. Compiled by the Barbel Catchers. Illus, Color & B&W photos; 8x10 inches, 238 pgs.

More Information
There have been revolutionary advances in barbel fishing since the publication of Barbel by the Barbel Catchers Club (BCC) published by The Crowood Press in 1988, and the BCC has been at the forefront of these dramatic devlopments. This long-awaited, and entirely new, volume, written by BCC members, comprehensively covers the modern barbel-fishng scene, discusses the size of the fish now caught and illustrates tackle, tactics and baits. There are indivdual chapters on each major barbel river in England from the smallest streams, such as the Loddon and the Holybrook, the mighty Midlands rivers, the Trent and the Severn, to the Yorkshire spate rivers and the crystalline waters of the famous Hampshire Avon. Each 'river chapter' is written by an experienced angler with proven success on the river in question and culminates with a fascinating account of the capture of a really special barbel weighing in excess of 10 lb.

This remarkable book provides a wealth of expert information and explores not only traditional fishing methods, but also ground-breaking new ideas. Lavishly illustrated with 200 images including photographs, drawings and diagrams, and a colour-plate section, this is an indispensable volume for both the barbel enthusiast and general river angler alike.

The Barbel Catchers Club was established in March, 1977 with the objective of providing a forum for debating key issues and discussing new ideas. Since its formation, the BCC has been extremely successful and has been at the forefront of virtually every breakthrough in barbel angling. The Club is organized by dedicated barbel anglers for barbel anglers and emphasizes the social aspects of the sport rather than its political and commercial dimensions.

The BCC is divded into seven regional groups (Chilterns, Midlands/Cotswolds, Northwest,Southdown, Southern, Wessex and Yorkshire) and has its own website ( and its own magazine entitled Barbus. All members write at least one article each year for the each year for the magazine, which also provides a forum for news and views.

* Individual chapters on 29 rivers, or sections of rivers
* Detailed & fascinating accounts of the capture of a "big barbel" on each river
* Modern baits - both pellets and HNV specials
* Scores of photos, some in full colour, of barbel catches over 10 lb.
* Diagrams illustrating rigs, feeders & swims
* A review of developments in barbel fishing since the late 1980s and a consideration of the future of barbel fishing
* Details fo the Barbel Catchers River Records and the Club's 'top 50' barbel

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