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Author: Frank Prokop
Publisher: Cardinal Publishing, Jun 2005
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 1-865130-76-1

Full description of over 500 lures. Includes action type & running depth tested under controlled conditions; surface & metal lures, spinnerbaits, suspending lures, deep divers; & more. Full color; 96 pgs.

More Information
This book represents the culmination of the career of a leading authority on lures. After 5 independent & scientific test publications, the Lure Encyclopedia is the ultimate book on fishing lures & how to use them:
* Full description of over 500 lures
* Action type & running depth tested under controlled conditions
* Includes surface & metal lures, spinnerbaits, suspending lures, deep divers
* The deepest lures available
* All the major manufactures
* Tips, hints & techniques to help you catch you 1st or 1 millionth fish on lures.

Frank Prokop
was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1960. He started his fishing career before he was five, being taken fishing with his brothers by his father. His first memory of fishing with lures was on a vacation to Minnesota when he was about 7 or 8 years old and catching largemouth bass on a Heddon Tiny Torpedo and trolling a Rapala CD-5.

Frank's fascination for fishing and love of freshwater fishing developed on American waters and has continued to this day, as have fishing trips with his dad and now his own kids, since his move to Australia. In 1984 Frank undertook the first of five scientifically designed tests on the performance and diving depths of lures. This has resulted in many thousands of tests and thousands of hours analyzing the results.

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