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Author: Cecilia ?Pudge? Kleinkauf
Publisher: Big Earth / Johnson, Jun 2006
Binding: Vinyl Map Cover
ISBN: 1-55566-372-9

?Pudge? Kleinkauf uses the real-life experiences of four young women?Alyssa, Samantha, Alex, & Blair?to create an informative & engaging intro to the sport of flyfishing for pre-teen & teenage girls. Color photos & illus by Michael DeYoung; 7x9 inches, 160pgs.

More Information
In River Girls, Cecilia ?Pudge? Kleinkauf uses the real-life experiences of four young women?Alyssa, Samantha, Alex, and Blair?to create an informative and engaging introduction to the sport of flyfishing for pre-teen and teenage girls.

Using a ?girls can do this, too? approach, the book conveys the idea that flyfishing is more fun and challenging than other kinds of fishing and that it is definitely not just a sport for boys. Pudge knows that as well as anyone?she?s a professional flyfishing guide in Alaska!

Pudge also knows that teenage girls respond best to peer influence and supportive encouragement, and they?ll find both in the stories of the River Girls. Each girl tells how she got started in flyfishing, who taught her, which kind of fish she enjoys catching, and why flyfishing holds a special charm for her.

While peer acceptance and encouragement are essential, every beginning flyfisher needs a teacher, and there?s no better one for young women than Pudge Kleinkauf. She covers everything they?ll need to know, from basic skills such as casting, wading, and knot tying, to using flyrods and reels and choosing flies.

Girls have a different perspective and different considerations than boys do, and they need their own guide to flyfishing. River Girls is that guide. For a girl who wants to learn the sport, this book is like having four flyfishing girlfriends and an aunt who?s an expert flyfisher and wants nothing more than to help her learn how to cast, what flies to use, and what equipment she?ll need.

In addition to the basic skills, the book features information on manufacturers that make gear specifically for young people, a discussion of catch-and-release ethics, and stories from adult women anglers who began flyfishing as girls. It tells how to find nearby resources where girls can learn the sport and discover local waters where they might fish. Supplementary materials consist of a glossary, a list of flyfishing organizations that welcome girls, and a bibliography of books written by women.

Throughout the book, engaging photographs of the River Girls by Michael De Young complements the text. Simple illustrations depict techniques and flies.

Pudge understands the needs of young women. She treats them with respect and speaks to them on their own level. She is enthusiastic about the sport and helping young women learn it. She is the adult female role model who can encourage their interest and help turn it into a lifelong source of enjoyment and satisfaction. She is the teacher you would want for your own child.

Michael DeYoung
is a long time Alaskan well known for his stunning images of the outdoors. His photography has appeared in Alaska Magazine, Adventure West, Nat'l Geographic, New Age Journal, & many others.

Cecilia "Pudge" Kleinkauf
has owned & operated her instruction & guide service, Women's Flyfishing for 19 of the 36 years she has lived & fished in Alaska. During that time Pudge has introduced countless women to the joys of fly fishing in locations all around the 49th State & in Mexico. Pudge's first book Fly Fishing Women Explore Alaska was selected as a finalist for the Book of the Year award by Foreword Magazine.

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