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Author: Kate Kiesler
Publisher: HOUGHTON-MIFFLIN CO, Sep 1999
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 0-395-94149-0

Images of sleep & images of the ocean meet in this enchanting picture book. Dreamy oil paintings accompany a selection of lullabies & poems that sing of the sea, boats, water, fishing, & sea creatures. Full color illus; 8x10 inches, 32 pgs.

More Information
Images of sleep and images of the ocean meet in this enchanting picture book. Dreamy oil paintings accompany a selection of lullabies and poems that sing of the sea, boats, water, fishing, and sea creatures. Included are traditional rhymes from many countries, classics by Stevenson, Tennyson, Field, and Kipling, and selections by recent and contemporary poets, certain to give a young sailor a soothing sendoff at bedtime.

"Kiesler's dreamy acrylic paintings accompany a collection of lullabies with sea-faring themes. From the traditional to the contemporary, the works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Eve Merriam, Rudyard Kipling, and others appear alongside traditional poems from France, Ireland, Scotland, Greece, and Hawaii. Sleepy images evoke their own rhythm of the sea, whether lapping waves, magical flying fish, or sailing ships. Each savory painting holds a blush of tenderness in a cloud, a shoreline, a fish's eye, the crook of a mother's arm stirring childhood sentiment. Earthbound seascapes make way for the particularly lovely flights of fancy: moon, stars, and wind personified as maidens with straw hats, scarves accompanying Jean Jaszi's 'Lullaby,' and a young boy's bed flying over rooftops for Stevenson's 'My Bed Is a Boat.' Ideal for lap-sharing, parents and children may discover in these pages their own starry nights together before bedtime." --Kirkus Reviews

"Kiesler's dreamy acrylic paintings accompany an eclectic collection of soothing poems about the sea. In addition to traditional lullabies from Hawaii, Greece, Ireland and France, Kiesler includes some classic fare. . . . Both art and text emphasize the enchantment of misty dreams and the lullaby sound of the 'silvery waves that rock the fishes to sleep.' Despite the disparate cultures and centuries from which the poems have been culled, each reverberates with comfort and love." --Publishers Weekly, Starred

Born in New Hampshire and raised in Vermont, Kate Kiesler began painting at an early age. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and now paints and illustrates full-time. Kate paints with oils, and her rich style has been highly praised. Kate Kiesler has illustrated numerous picture books, including The Great Frog Race And Other Poems. She lives in Frisco, Colorado.

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