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Waterworks ULA Force SL Reel
Item #:103853
Your Price:$469.00 - $499.00
Size  QuantityPrice
2 (4-5wt)  $469.00
2X (5-6wt)  $469.00
3 (5-7wt)  $499.00
3X (7-8wt)  $499.00

Waterworks ULA Force SL Reel

Force SL (Super Light) fly fishing reels utilize a combination of subtle space-frame and complex CNC carved cross sections that make the SL rigid, rugged and yet as the name implies, featherweight. The vanquish-style integrated foot/frame raises the reels’s center of mass making casting smoother and contributing to both a reduction in weight and greater rigidity. The high-grip drag knob makes fine-tuning the world’s smoothest drag system even easier. SL fishing reels are finished in a unique clear Hard Alox.

ULA Force SL specifications

ULA FORCE 2 SL 3.25" 1.15" 2.95 oz 4,5 WF 4 75 yds 20#
ULA FORCE 2X SL 3.25" 1.15" 2.90 oz 5,6 WF 6 100 yds 20#
ULA FORCE 3 SL 3.50" 1.25" 3.35 oz 5,6.7 WF 7 100 yds 20#
ULA FORCE 3X SL 3.50" 1.25" 3.30 oz 7,8 WF 8 150 yds 20#

Basic Operation & Maintenance Manual

Technical Details

Operation & Maintenance Video:

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