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Scientific Anglers - Professional Series - Floating
Item #:103776
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WF-3-F  $39.95
WF-4-F - Out Of Stock  $39.95
WF-5-F - Out Of Stock  $39.95
WF-6-F - Out Of Stock  $39.95
WF-7-F  $39.95
WF-8-F  $39.95
DT-3-F - Out Of Stock  $39.95
DT-4-F - Out Of Stock  $39.95
DT-5-F - Out Of Stock  $39.95
DT-6-F - Out Of Stock  $39.95

Scientific Anglers - Professional Series - Floating


All-Purpose Taper for All Weather


  • Excellent general-purpose line for all weather

  • Optimal line density for high floatation

  • Supple for ease of use in all conditions

WF Taper Characteristics:

  • Group-tailored heads for general use

DT Taper Characteristics:

  • Longer, more delicate front taper for enhanced accuracy


  • Braided multifilament nylon


  • 3M PVC formulated with special internal lubricants to increase slickness and enhance shootability

  • Integrated UV inhibitors for increased durability

Floating Tapers

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