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ProWrap Metallic Braid - 1/16 in - 10yds
Item #:103437
Your Price:$4.49
Color  QuantityPrice
5160 Gold  $4.49
5300 Red  $4.49
5450 Blue  $4.49
5540 Green  $4.49
5630 Purple  $4.49
5800 Black  $4.49
5880 Silver  $4.49
5M388 Red/Silver/Black  $4.49
5M480 Blue/Black  $4.49
5M518 Green/Gold/Silver  $4.49
5M648 Purple/Blue/Silver  $4.49
5M688 Fuchsia/Silver/Black  $4.49
5M718 Copper/Silver  $4.49
5M818 Silver/Gold/Black  $4.49
5M840 Silver/Blue  $4.49
5M880 Silver/Black  $4.49

ProWrap Metallic Braid - 1/16 in - 10yds

ProWrap™ Metallic Flat Braid Thread. Highly reflective, ideal for decorative butt wraps. Eliminates the time consuming task of wrapping with a single thread. Available in 7 solid colors and 9 multi-color combinations. ProWrap™ Braid is 1/16" (.0625") wide.

See the ProWrap Brochure for colors and additional information.
ProWrap Brochure (479k PDF)


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