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Author: Kevin Feenstra
Publisher: Feenstra Guide Service, Nov 2010
Binding: DVD
ISBN: 0-FGS-10

An exciting new steelhead fishing dvd that anglers will want to own. Contains many hints & tricks that could be used by the avid angler as well as the beginner. Equip, positioning, reading the water, & much more are covered in this production.

More Information
Searching for Steelhead is an exciting new steelhead fishing dvd that many anglers will want to own. Several days of filming were used to create this video. The contents of the production take you through the ins and outs of swinging flies for steelhead. The information is detailed and is basic enough for those new to steelhead fishing. It also contains many hints and tricks that could be used by the avid angler as well. Equipment, positioning, reading the water, and much more are covered in this production. Kevin Feenstra takes you through several of his favorite fly patterns, explaining how to tie and why they work.

We would like to thank Jeff Hubbard, of Outfitters North Guide Service, for his help in the small stream section of this DVD.

This film is filmed and edited by Erik Rambo, of Snap T Productions.

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