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Whiting Streamer Packs
Item #:101678
Your Price:$10.00
Color  QuantityPrice
Black  $10.00
Brown  $10.00
Grizzly  $10.00
Medium Dun  $10.00
Medium Ginger  $10.00
Grizzly dyed Brown - Ships 1/29/17  $10.00
Grizzly dyed Dark Olive  $10.00
Grizzly dyed Fl. Green Chartreuse  $10.00
Grizzly dyed Fl. Yellow Chartreuse - Ships 1/29/17  $10.00
Grizzly dyed Highlander Green  $10.00
Grizzly dyed Kingfisher Blue  $10.00
Grizzly dyed Olive  $10.00
Grizzly dyed Orange  $10.00
Grizzly dyed Pink  $10.00
Grizzly dyed Purple  $10.00
Grizzly dyed Red  $10.00
Grizzly dyed Silver Doctor Blue  $10.00
Grizzly dyed Tan  $10.00
White dyed Dark Olive  $10.00
White dyed Fl. Green Chartreuse  $10.00
White dyed Fl. Yellow Chartreuse  $10.00
White dyed Highlander Green  $10.00
White dyed Kingfisher Blue  $10.00
White dyed Olive - Ships 1/29/17  $10.00
White dyed Orange  $10.00
White dyed Pink  $10.00
White dyed Purple  $10.00
White dyed Red  $10.00
White dyed Silver Doctor Blue  $10.00
White dyed Tan  $10.00
White dyed Yellow  $10.00

Whiting Streamer Packs

Whiting’s Streamer/Deceiver Packs contain the perfectly shaped (tapered) feathers for all streamer tying, whether fresh or saltwater. The stiff quill, strong barbs and ample-webbing make this an extremely durable feather for all streamer applications.

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