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Whiting Bugger Packs
Item #:101477
Your Price:$20.00
Color  QuantityPrice
Badger Dyed Burnt Orange  $20.00
Badger Dyed Dark Olive  $20.00
Badger Dyed Golden Olive  $20.00
Badger Dyed Insect Green  $20.00
Badger Dyed Medium Dun  $20.00
Badger Dyed Olive  $20.00
Badger Dyed Orange  $20.00
Badger Dyed Purple  $20.00
Barred Dark Ginger  $20.00
Black  $20.00
Burnt Orange  $20.00
Coachman  $20.00
Dark Dun  $20.00
Furnance  $20.00
Ghost Barred White  $20.00
Golden Badger  $20.00
Golden Olive  $20.00
Grizzly  $20.00
Grizzly Dyed Burgundy  $20.00
Grizzly dyed Burnt Orange - Out Of Stock  $20.00
Grizzly dyed Coachman  $20.00
Grizzly Dyed Dark Olive  $20.00
Grizzly dyed Golden Olive  $20.00
Grizzly Dyed Insect Green  $20.00
Grizzly dyed Natural Brown  $20.00
Grizzly dyed Olive - Out Of Stock  $20.00
Grizzly Dyed Orange  $20.00
Grizzly dyed Pale Yellow - Out Of Stock  $20.00
Grizzly dyed Purple  $20.00
Insect Green - Out Of Stock  $20.00
Light Ginger  $20.00
Medium Dun  $20.00
Natural Brown  $20.00
Olive  $20.00
White  $20.00

Whiting Bugger Packs

Bugger Pack feathers offer the tier an extremely long and naturally tapered feather with super-fine barbs, tapered webbing and supple quill. This type of feather is perfect for palmering woolly bugger style flies of all sizes.

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