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Author: Pat Dorsey
Publisher: Media Resources, Feb 2008
Binding: DVD
ISBN: 0-MER-10

Covers the intricacies of nymph fishing and unvails the skills he has learned, guiding clients for the past 15 years on some of Colorado's toughest water. The first half details instructional tips and tactics to improve nymphing skills. The second half includes step by step instruction on fly tying & a small segment on knots. 60 min

More Information
setting up and effective nymph rig
essential knots for successful rigging
long & short line nymphing
dry-dropper strategies
reading the water
fly selection
"the approach"

As an added bonus, you will learn to tie 5 of Pat Dorsey's most effective patterns with step-by-step instruction.
midge pupa
mayfly nymph
cased caddis(Breadcrust)
stonefly nymph

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