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Author:S. G. B. Tennant Jr.
Publisher:WILLOW CREEK PRESS, Oct 1999
Item #:25302

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Lavishly presented showcase of recipes for specific North American fish. Farm-raised brookies & rainbows. Illustrated culinary procedures & index. 35 color photos; 8x10 inches, 96 pgs.

More Information:
Trout in the kitchen are distinguished from all other fish by their unique culinary qualities: their delicate flavor, texture and leanness. The objective of the trout cook, using ritual and mystery in equal parts, is to maximize this flavor and preserve this delicate texture. After 200 years of enlightened trout cookery, those who stand around in the kitchen a lot have isolated a short list of dishes favored by serious diners. Gail B. Tennant, Jr. is one of those who has mastered the art of trout cooking and shares it in these exceptional recipes. Thousands of readers have come to expect a lavishly presented showcase of recipes for specific North American fish, wildfowl or game in each new edition of The Game & Fish Mastery Library. Trout not only upholds the tradition, but the popular author-photographer team have raised the bar for future editions. Farm-raised brookies and rainbows, available in supermarkets nationwide, are the featured players in these 34 sumptuous and spectacularly photographed recipes. Trout includes illustrated culinary procedures and index. Photography by Arie deZanger.
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