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Author:Frank D. Weissbarth
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Weissbarth imparts his knowledge & love of fly fishing with a profound reverence for the beauty of the sport & the places it is practiced. Evokes the private pleasures & the mystery of angling in small streams. 8 color photos, 1 half-tone, 1 map; 6x9 inches, 136 pgs. MAX DISCOUNT 35%

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"Solitude and fine fishing can often be found together on small streams. They seldom coexist on big rivers."--from Holy Ghost Creek

Frank Weissbarth's beautifully written fishing memoir evokes the private pleasures and the mystery of angling in small streams, beginning on a Rocky Mountain creek known as Holy Ghost. He shares the wisdom he has accumulated on countless days fishing this and other streams, presenting his knowledge with wit and a profound reverence for the beauty of the sport and the places it is practiced. He offers detailed descriptions of Holy Ghost Creek and other waters, named and unnamed, but this is by no means a guidebook or a how-to book. Rather, it is a celebration of the joys of small streams and quiet adventures.

"There are things beneath the surface of the river that I will never know. There is not time enough to learn them and the river is always changing. But sometimes, on a rare day, for a few moments or hours, the barrier between water and land vanishes, and I see the trout in their watery world and hear the sound of the stream and the wind in the trees and watch as insects hover over the water and a mink slips silently along the bank. It is an intimacy born of long hours on the water, of study and of love. It is why I fish."--from Holy Ghost Creek

"A lyrical and contemplative memoir on fly-fishing in New Mexico. . . A beautiful tibute to the gentle art of fly fishing."--Santa Fe New Mexican

"A small gem of a book that will appeal to anyone who's spent a good (or not-so-good)day alone, plying the water in a beloved stream."--Trout Magazine

"At its heart the book is a hymn to nature and well worth your time. You may even get a few tips on where to fish, in solitude, in northern New Mexico."--Southwest BookViews

"Frank Weissbarth's beautifully written fishing memoir evokes the private pleasures and the mystery of angling in small streams. . . a celebration of the joys of small steams and quiet adventures."

"Frank Weissbarth's book, which reads like a memoir as it spans years spent fishing alone and then with two growing boys in tow, is much like the rare trout he seeks in the Jemez Mountains and the Sangre de Cristo range: unique and beautiful."--Durango Herald

"If you already love Northern New Mexico's streams, reading Frank D. Weissbarths book Holy Ghost Creek will make you want to go fishing so badly you will squirm in your seat. . . Clear, honest writing that has none of the chest thumping machismo that plagues so much sporting literature."--Santa Fe New Mexican

"Just as many things float down a stream, this book has anectdotes about family, friends and the enjoyment of nature. It is also a book with philosophical undertones. You don't have to be an angler to understand or enjoy this book. Weissbarth touches on certain elemental truths, which are applicable in situations common to us all."--enchantment NM

This slender, well-crafted gem of a book reveals at once the author's search for inner peace and trout on the streams of northern New Mexico. . . Not a guidebook, this heartfelt tome will be joy and an inspiration to any New Mexico fly fisherman."--New Mexico Magazine

Frank D. Weissbarth
is an assistant attorney general for the state of New Mexico.
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