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Author:Paul Whillock
Publisher:Paul Whillock, Jan 2006
Item #:24224


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Provides details of how to tie a range of modern realistic flies; everything from a realistic Beetle for Fishing with right through to a full blown Art Fly. For each fly/insect there is an entomological overview including color photos;

More Information:
Prior to tying any of my flies, I record notes and produce anatomical diagrams pertaining to most insects from around the world. As a result, I have amassed a huge library of entomological information that can be translated into realistic fishing flies or realistic Art Flies. I began writing this book almost 3 years ago and as a result of my own investigative approach to the world of realistic fly tying, I soon realised that when producing any fly tying book one should provide images of the Natural insect as a point of reference to the reader.

My book; Flies as Art, will provide details of how to tie a range of modern realistic flies; everything from a realistic Beetle for Fishing with right through to a full blown Art Fly. Each chapter will look in depth at a particular Insect and the chapter will be divided into three sections which are:

An Entomological overview of a particular insect, there will be an extensive text description of the bug and its habitat and a series of high quality entomological photographs that will assist the fly tyer in their understanding of the insects colour and size etc.

A Step By Step series of high quality, graphic line drawings explaining every aspect of tying an Art Fly version of that insect. This section will also feature extensive text and entomological diagrams that will display body proportions, leg and wing measurements etc. There will also be a series of beautiful, high quality photographs of the finished fly together with close up shots of key body parts.

Step by step photographic sequences explaining how to tie a simplified, realistic fishing version of the same fly. Once again, there will be an extensive written text section to explain every aspect of the fly and its fishing methods and advantages.

Many well known Fly Fishermen, Fly Tyers, Show Organisers, Manufacturers, Entomologists and Suppliers have donated their help, materials, techniques, Insect photographic images and views to its content.

Robert Spaight is to proof read the book, Steve Thornton is assisting with photography & design, Bob Mead and Chuck Furimsky are amongst the contributors.
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