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Author:Nick Baker
Publisher:BANTAM (BDD)/RANDOM HOUSE, Mar 2005
Item #:24114

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The ultimate how-to guide for exploring nature. Covers the basics of outdoor observation from choosing clothing & equip to communicating with wild animals. Foreword by Lee Durrell. 200 photos & illus; 7.5x10 inches, 288 pgs.

More Information:
Building on the success of the 1982 bestseller by Gerald and Lee Durrell, The Amateur Naturalist makes nature accessible to all ages and inspires a new generation to make the most of the world around them.

The ultimate how-to guide for exploring nature, The Amateur Naturalist covers the basics of outdoor observation from choosing clothing and equipment to communicating with wild animals. Early chapters prep beginners with everything they need to know before venturing into the field. Topics include Equipment, Getting Started, and Basic Skills. From there, the focus shifts to what readers really want to investigate: animals and the outdoors all around the world.

Fact-packed pages detail the five classifications of animals, how to quickly identify mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, and fish, and practical tips for interpreting tracks and signs. The reader will learn how to trail animals undetected and how to tell when a storm is near, even when no clouds are in the sky.

Able to find beauty in the tracks of a deer or the trail of a slug, Nick Baker has an infectious enthusiasm and original approach to natural history that inspires readers to get out and experience nature directly. Through fascinating and revealing hands-on activities, budding naturalists learn how to listen for sounds and watch animals discreetly. A foreword by Lee Durrell sets the stage for the adventure readers will experience through this book. With beautiful full-color photography and detailed diagrams, The Amateur Naturalist is a handy, handsome reference for the novice or seasoned naturalist.

Nick Baker
contributes to a number of successful wildlife and science TV programs, including the BBCs popular Really Wild Show and cult science show Tomorrows World. He has written two books on wildlife and the outdoors, Bakers Bug Book and Nick Baker's British Wildlife. Being a naturalist you'll never be bored in your life--ever, ever." --Nick Baker
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