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Author:Lenny Magill & Mickey Fowler
Publisher:GunVideo, Dec 2004
Item #:108327


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Setting Up, Sighting In, Breaking In. Everything you need to know to shoot modern, scoped precision rifles up to 800 yards. DVD, 75 min.

More Information:
Setting Up, Sighting In, Breaking In

If you want to shoot accurately at distances of 200, 300, 500 and even 800 yards you need to make sure that your rifle is set up, broken in and sighted in properly. An expensive precision rifle is only effective at these distances if it is set up and broken in properly from the very first shot you fire.
This program show you everything you need to know to shoot modern, scoped precision rifles up to 800 yards. You'll see how to mount a scope, how to sight in using a bore sighting device and/or paper targets, how to break in your rifle one shot at a time for the utmost accuracy and you'll learn how to test the rifle out at 500 yards. Highly recommended for those interested in long range precision rifle.
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