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Author:N.R. Parker
Publisher:PALADIN PRESS, Dec 2004
Item #:107998

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Parker analyzes 37 of the most significant, historic & effective silencer designs ever patented in the U.S., as well as some unusual designs & a handful of notable failures. Foreword by Alan C. Paulson. Illus; 8.5x11 inches, 392 pgs.

More Information:
It has been a quarter century since the publication of a book on firearm suppressor patents, and in that time there have been amazing advances in the technology, art and science of devices that suppress the sound of gunfire. Now, silencer industry insider N.R. Parker analyzes 37 of the most significant, historic and effective silencer designs ever patented in the United States, as well as some unusual designs and a handful of notable failures. Parker wades through the technical jargon of patent language to identify the noteworthy, unique or revolutionary aspects of each design, detailing not only the important construction elements but the concepts behind its sound-suppression technology.

The patents in this book range from the work of such pioneers as Siegfried H?bner and Mitch WerBell to modern masters Doug Olsen, Greg Latka, Joe Gaddini, Tim LaFrance, Phil Seberger and many others, from early government work done by the U.S. Navy, Rock Island Arsenal and more recently at Aberdeen Proving Ground up through today?s companies that are putting state-of-the-art suppressors in the hands of elite-unit soldiers, covert operators, military and police snipers, and qualified civilian shooters. Besides expert analysis and an assessment of the merits of each design, the book provides never-before-published interviews with three of today?s top designers as well as a special section on the evolution of cutting-edge silencer mounting systems.

Firearm suppressors are among the most important weapons in the modern warrior?s arsenal. Get an inside look at their conception, construction and use in the field in Firearm Suppressor Patents, Vol. 1: United States Patents.

With more than 25 years? working with small-arms and low-signature ordnance, N.R. Parker has published a significant amount of material in these fields. Articles written under nom de plumes and his real name have appeared in Combat Handguns, Military Technology, Fighting Firearms, Small Arms Review and Small Arms World Report. He also made significant contributions to the Paladin Press book Silencer History and Performance, Volume 2: CQB, Assault Rifle, and Sniper Technology. Other significant publications include operation manuals for a number of weapon and suppressor manufacturers and end users and technical reports for industry and government on small-arms technology and low-signature ordnance. Serving as a consultant to industry and governments for more than 15 years, his knowledge of the history of firearms and low-signature technology has made him an expert on the intellectual property aspects of small-arms technology.
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