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Author:Mark Sullivan, Professional Hunter
Publisher:Nitro Express, Jul 2004
Item #:107967


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There is nothing so grand as to witness a bull's charge to the death. See Allen Day & Doug Hart shoot two of the biggest & nicest buffalo ever taken on film. Also included are hunts for lion, more buffalo & hippo. DVD, 85 min.

More Information:
In 1995 I conducted my safaris in one of Tanzania's most remote and beautiful regions called Mlele. Located along the northeast boundary of Katavi National Park, Mlele holds a wealth of game including great maned lion, heavy-thick leopard and truly big buffalo.

My son, Shawn was with me that year and together we were remarkably successful in finding lifetime trophys for all of our clients. In this movie you will see Allen Day and Doug Hart shoot two of the biggest and nicest buffalo ever taken on film. Later, Allen bags a monster leopard that weighs nearly 180 pounds that we unexpectedly catch feeding on our lion bait. Not to be outdone, Russ Brice takes a great leopard of his own right through the shoulder with his .416 Rem. as the big tom staddles a fork in the tree. Also included are hunts for lion, more buffalo and hippo.

Rounding off the season in spectacular fashion is a hunt to the death from a charging Cape buffalo. Longtime friends over many safaris, Doug Hart and Russ Brice join Shawn and me for what becomes a hunt to-the-death.

Russ' first shot was well-placed, but the bull runs off at speed. Taking up the blood trail instantly, it's not long before Shawn spots the bull in thick bush and points him out for us to see. As we close the distance and upon entering what I call the death- zone the bull comes from out of his hiding place and stands watching us, trying to decide what next to do. We stand our ground, guns at the ready, and wait. At that point in time, any one of us could have raised our rifle and killed the bull where he stood. But we all knew that would simply be killing, not hunting. Instead, we wait for the charge which is not long in coming.

There is nothing so grand as to witness a bull's charge to the death. You can criticize me all day long for what we did; that by intentionally provoking the bull to charge was somehow inhumane, but I disagree. Any jerk can blast a wounded Cape buffalo into oblivion from a safe distance and call it hunting, but it's an altogether different matter to walk up and offer your life in return. Believe me when I say this, had we not stopped that bull's charge, he would have killed everyone of us. That my friends, is the beauty and thrill of real hunting. Walking up and giving the great and noble warrior the choice of how he is to die in battle may be the last great adverture left on Earth. Try it, it's a great way to hunt.

Sudden Death is beautifully filmed, highest broadcast quality, and wonderfully edited.
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