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Author:Clint Twist
Publisher:PERSEUS / RUNNING PRESS, May 2012
Item #:107599

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What was it like to live in the Wild West? It was thrilling. It was fascinating. It was often beautiful, & sometimes even dangerous. With this 3-D pop-up book, kids can experience the West just as the original pioneers did in all its noisy glory! Ages 5+. Color 3-D; 12x9 inches, 16 pgs.

More Information:
It was also loud, with people, horses, wagons, and trains competing to be heard above the din. With Sounds of the Past: Wild West, kids can experience the West just as the original pioneers did in all its noisy glory!

They?ll meet the pioneers bravely crossing the plains in their covered wagons. They?ll join a Native American tribe as they sing and tell stories around the blazing campfire. They?ll witness the awe-inspiring power of a pounding cattle stampede, and fend off dastardly bandits in a daring armed robbery. With detailed pop-ups and delightful sounds, they?ll feel just like the settlers did so many years ago--and with informative descriptions for each 3-D scene, they?ll learn about every aspect of frontier life.

Get ready to travel back in time! A world of history awaits in Sounds of the Past: Wild West.

About the Author & Illustrator:
Clint Twist
was educated at Cambridge University and worked as a journalist and museum consultant before becoming a full-time author. He has since written more than 90 titles for UK and US publishers in the fields of Science, Nature, and History, for readers of all ages. He has also contributed numerous articles to major reference works such as the Smithsonian-sponsored illustrated encyclopedia, Earth (2003), and Children?s Encarta (2005).

Nelson Evergreen
lives in Brighton, on the south coast of the UK. Alongside illustration and character design, he?s active in British and American underground comics, and is a keen musician.
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