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Author:Frank M. Seller
Publisher:Frank Sellers, Mar 2011
Item #:106059

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The history of the company & the only text on the full range of guns make, long guns, handguns, rare & unusual BB guns, shotguns, & all of the martial varieties. Illus, 500+ photos; 358 pgs.

More Information:
The "Buffalo gun" of the American West, the "Sharpshooters" of the Civil War, the four barreled "Gambler's Choice" derringer, all are part of the famous history of one of American's great gunmakers. Complete in this book is the history of the company and the only text on the full range of guns make, long guns, handguns, rare and unusual BB guns, shotguns, and all of the martial varieties. More than 500 photographs with detailed text trace the development of the SHARPS Firearms. Interesting historical reports and ordnance trials tests explain many of the reasons for the uses of these great guns. Meet the guns and the many famous people who give testimony to their value in this complete work on the subject of SHARPS Firearms.

Frank Sellers
has been in the antique business for over 40 years, the last 25 with his wife, Karen. He specializes in firearms, edged weapons, oriental items and Western art.

He has written several books on firearms: Model 1874 Sharps Rifles; American Percussion Revolvers, Sharps Firearms; The William Locke Collection; American Gunsmiths and Baby Hammerless Revolvers. In recent years, he has described and evaluated thousands of firearms, swords and other military items, as well as ivory, porcelain, cloisonn?, art and jewelry for many national auction houses and has also written several books on history and genealogy.
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