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Author:Jack Melton, Josh Phillips, John Sexton
Publisher:Andrew Mowbray Publishers, Mar 2012
Item #:105637


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Full historical & collector details on all known types of knives made in Confederate factories...including unidentified types & the Georgia & Alabama Contracts. 850 photos; 8.5x11 inches, 288 pgs.

More Information:
Features include ?

* 856 full-color photos illustrating more than 350 of the finest Southern Bowies in existence.

* All your favorite makers, from Boyle & Gamble and Louis Froelich to Nashville Plow Works and Thomas Leech & Co.

* Extensive, valuable coverage of locally made Southern knives, including the many identified makers as well as those whose origins are still unclear.

* New research and freshly discovered makers...previously unpublished info. available nowhere else but here!

* A full discussion of ?dug? relic knives, with a large selection of intriguing examples shown and explained.

* Perhaps the largest album of historical Confederate soldiers holding Bowie knives ever assembled. A truly amazing and beautiful resource.
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