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Author:John Weiss
Publisher:Woods N' Water Inc, Oct 2007
Item #:104685

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With step-by-step instructions, photos, & illustrations, learn techniques for field dressing, bringing out a deer with minimal stress & how to skin & quarter a carcass when necessary. 48 recipes. 151 B&W photos; 6x9 inches, 202 pgs.

More Information:
To deer hunters, especially newcomers to the sport, the tasks of field dressing, skinning, & butchering can be daunting. In Butchering Deer, author Weiss makes these jobs easy & fun.

With step-by-step instructions, photos, & illustrations-even first-time deer hunters will be confident enough to perform these tasks easily & properly. Weiss begins with sage advice on selecting the right deer for the best tasting venison. With that accomplished, his techniques for field dressing are straightforward & simple. Without missing a step, Weiss then offers various methods for bringing out a deer with minimal stress & how to skin & quarter a carcass when the terrain deems it necessary.

With Butchering Deer-The Complete Manual of Field Dressing, Skinning, Aging, & Butchering Deer at Home, the inherent problems of having your deer butchered by someone else can be eliminated.

Specific chapters are devoted to butchering the front legs, butchering the hind legs, & butchering the loin & ribs. The latter chapters on freezing, defrosting, tenderizing, & preparing venison will have you longing for the upcoming deer season.

You'll never again have to worry about paying someone else to get less meat than you should or meat covered with dirt or hair, a damaged cape, or even meat that's been improperly wrapped!
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