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Author:Barney Farley
Publisher:Texas A&M University Press, Jan 2012
Item #:104228

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Renowned fishing guide Barney Farley worked the Texas coastal waters out of Port Aransas for more than half a century. In these stories and reflections, Farley imparts a lifetime of knowledge about fish?silver trout, sand trout, speckled trout, redfish, ling, catfish, jack, kingfish, you name it?& gives advice about how to fish, where to fish, & when to fish. 45 b&w photos, 29 line drawings; 6x9.25 inches, 168 pgs.

More Information:
Perhaps no one could chronicle the changes in sport and commercial fishing along the Central Texas Coast more ably and more passionately than Farley. When he came to Texas in 1910, he reported that he could get in a rowboat and using only a push pole, make his way "to the fishing grounds and catch a hundred pounds or more of trout and redfish" in a few hours. A couple of years later, the shrimp trawlers arrived. As they plied the Gulf in increasing numbers, they depleted the shrimp populations in the bays, and Farley watched the fish move farther and farther offshore, following their ever more elusive food source.

From his perspective in the mid-1960s, Farley was not satisfied simply to lament the disappearance of once-abundant species. He also strongly voiced his views on the need for conservation. Many of the problems he identified are still with us, and some of the solutions he prescribed have since been adopted.

This book is both an appealing reminiscence and a cautionary tale. Anyone who cares about fishing and the health of the Gulf's waters will find an authoritative and completely engaging voice in Barney Farley.

What people are saying about this book
"Barney's instructions and tips on how to catch fish consistently are as appropriate today as when Barney was a guide."
?from the introduction by Larry McEachron

"The importance of Barney Farley's book to conservation and sport fishing, as well as to the economic well-being of our Texas and Gulf Coast, cannot be over-emphasized."
?Dick Conolly

"Barney Farley is truly a legendary sport fisherman of our Gulf coast. His views on conservation of marine resources back 60 years are remarkably accurate today."
?Richard King

was a Port Aransas fishing guide whose memories and stories about fishing the Texas coast were originally written in the 1960s for his family and friends. Their posthumous publication is supported by the Harvey Weil Sportsman Conservationist Award Trust of Corpus Christi. Number Three: Gulf Coast Studies, sponsored by Texas A&M University?Corpus Christi
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