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Author:Ken Schultz
Publisher:WILEY PUBLISHING, Aug 2004
Item #:104066


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A comprehensive, authoritative, & up-to-date fishing encyclopedia. More than 2,250 extensive entries covering places, fish species, equip, techniques, & more. New developments in modern environmental & conservation programs, 500 entries covering 800+ species of fish. 400+ 4-color illus, watercolor fish illus, 100's of drawings, 400+ color photos; 8.5x11 inches, 1750 pgs.

More Information:
The most comprehensive, up-to-date fishing encyclopedia in the world today!

The only comprehensive, authoritative, and up-to-date fishing encyclopedia available, it covers every aspect of angling - from, casual lake fishing to international sport and game fishing - with more than 2,250 extensive encyclopedia entries covering places, fish species, equipment, techniques, and more.

It describes fishing around the world - saltwater and freshwater - plus new developments in modern environmental and conservation programs and issues, and the most current equipment and techniques, from rods to lures.

With more than 500 entries covering more than 800 species of fish, this lavishly illustrated book includes over 400 four-color, watercolors of fish, and hundreds of drawings and photographs.

Heftier than most trophy trout, Ken Schultz's thoroughly comprehensive reference may be too big to fit into your fly box, but it'll take you more places than a marlin fighting a hook. Schultz knows what he's talking about; a staffer at Field & Stream for more than 25 years, he's held seven world fishing records at one time or another and was recently inducted into the Fishing Hall of Fame. Somewhere along the way, he put down his rod long enough to reel in more than 100 expert contributors from around the world to help compile what should be the definitive reference on all things angling for some time.

More than 2,200 entries cover the whole ocean--plus rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds--of sportfishing with topics ranging from technique and equipment to the fish themselves. You want the ABCs of sonar? It's here. Unsure what a Kirby hook looks like? Schultz'll show you. How do you drift fish? This is where to learn. Hundreds of species are present and accounted for, their entries accompanied by photographs and/or watercolors. Say, for example, you want to land an Atlantic Bonito. The Fishing Encyclopedia will tell you the fish's Latin name is Sarda sarda, it's a relative of tuna, and it has a reputation for putting up a fight and tasting good once you catch it. Schultz also adds detailed information on its markings, size, habitat, behavior, and feeding habits and even offers some counsel on how best to catch it. The Fishing Encyclopedia may not be able to physically catch something for you, but it'll tell you pretty much everything you want to know about anything--other than maybe that old shoe--you manage to land on your own. --Jeff Silverman

Ken Schultz
is one of the most widely known and respected ourdoor sports writers in the nation. A 26-year staff writer and fishing editor for Field and Stream, he knows fishing better than any other writer. Field and Stream currenly has over 10 million readers monthly and is the largest and most recogniozed outdoor publication in the world. Schultz has authored 11 books, selling over 200,000 copies.
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