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Author:Ginger Wadsworth
Publisher:Charlesbridge Publishing, Dec 2002
Item #:104039

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Spend 24 hours on a river in western North America & discover 13 animals that depend on the river for survival. Beautiful watercolor illus by Paul Kratter; 9x11 inches, 32 pgs.

More Information:
Spend 24 hours on a river in western North America and discover 13 animals that depend on the river for survival. What makes rivers so vital to animals' survival? River Discoveries shows, over a 24-hour period, how a river habitat and the lives of these creatures intertwine to form a special ecosystem. Detailed illustrations, helpful questions, and informative text promise to pique every young naturalist's curiosity. Find out how mountain lions and osprey hunt. Learn how water beetles are able to breathe underwater. Discover otters, trout, salamanders, raccoons, and more as you explore a river environment.

Intricately detailed illustrations capture the many mammals, birds, fish, and insects that co-exist, hunt, and survive in the river and along its banks. Each panoramic spread represents a new hour to gage diurnal and nocturnal activity. Probing questions encourage and test young readers' retention of newly learned information, and back matter includes a glossary of terms and animals.

Ginger Wadsworth
is a native Californian. She received her B.A. in English from the University of California at Davis with a minor in American History. She has taken additional courses in early childhood education, children's literature, and creative writing. She has also studied outdoor education including general ecology, ornithology, and wildflowers.

Ginger taught part-time at an elementary level. She designed a nature program for her students and taught outdoor education classes. She is an environmentalist and a member of the Audubon Society, the Sierra Club, the Nature Conservancy Group, and several other conservation organizations.

Ginger has written many children's books, both fiction and non-fiction. She has a talent for presenting issues concerning the natural world to children. Some of her titles include, One On A Web (Charlesbridge, 1997), Desert Discoveries (Charlesbridge, 1997), John Burroughs, Sage of Slabsides (Clarion Books, 1997), Laura Ingalls Wilder, Storyteller of the Prairie (Lerner Publications, 1997), Rachel Carson, Voice for the Earth (Lerner Publications, 1992), and John Muir, Wilderness Protector (Lerner Publications, 1992). In the spring of 1999, One Tiger Growls will be available from Charlesbridge.

Ginger lives in California with her husband and sons. She enjoys gardening with native California plants, hiking, camping, bird watching, photography, traveling and reading. She comes from a family of writers and naturalists.
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