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Author:Bruce McMillan
Publisher:HOUGHTON-MIFFLIN CO, Mar 2005
Item #:104028

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Come along with young Fridrik as he joins each of his grandfathers in Iceland's fishing tradition, but don't forget your hat! Age range: 5-8 years. Full-color photos by author; 32 pgs.

More Information:
In a tiny fishing village in Iceland, two boats are ready to take you and young Fridrik fishing. Grandfather Fridrik fishes with hooks for cod. Grandfather Haddi fishes with nets for lumpfish, a very ugly fish.

Young Fridrik lives in the land of fish. There are fish on the money and fish on the stamps. The leading export is fish. Though one grandfather is a doctor and the other a school custodian, in the summer they are fishermen too. This summer they are passing on their Icelandic traditions to their grandson.

You are welcome to join young Fridrik in the city of Reykjav?k to begin your Icelandic fishing adventure?but don?t forget your hat.

Bruce McMillan
has written and illustrated more children?s books set in Iceland than any other United States author. Going Fishing,/I> is his sixth to be set there, and his forty-third overall. He often summers in Iceland, though he lives in Shapleigh, Maine.

Bruce holds a B.S. in biology from the University of Maine and has received numerous awards and honors for his children?s books.
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